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Storm updates

Jason Samenow @ 4:15 PM

Notice: While most of the accumulating snow has fallen, a winter storm warning remains in effect until tomorrow at 7am. With winds picking up there may be some blowing snow over night (as well as falling tempeatures), and a few snow showers remain possible from the departing storm. Use caution while traveling.

Currently: Cloudy in NW Washington, DC. New snow, 3.0". Temperature, 20 F.
Discussion: This storm, for all intents and purposes (save SE PG County), is done. I'll do a full post mortem discussion later this evening or tomorrow morning. Suffice to say, the 3" storm total was a bit less than what was expected. Don't be surprised if there are a few flurries or snow showers overnight, but significant additional accumulation is not likely. The main weather story now is the wind and cold tomorrow. If you have snow totals where you live, it would be great if you could enter them in the comments section.

Currently: Light snow in NW Washington, DC. New snow, 2.8". Temperature, 21 F.
Discussion: Snow is decreasing in intensity after a two hour burst. The western edge of the snow is on the border of Fairfax County and Loudon County. The western edge will continue to progress eastward, but more slowly. Snow in Fairfax County should gradually taper in the next 60 minutes, and in about 1.5 hours in the District. In PG county, the snow should wrap up around 6pm. In my previous update, I thought 6 inches might be possible, but total accumulations around 4" are more likely given the rapid progression of the storm. My idea of 4-6" this morning was about right (10:45am update) -- although a lot of areas may just get 3".

Currently: Moderate snow in NW Washington, DC. New snow, 1/2". Temperature, 21 F.
Discussion: Moderate to heavy snow becoming widespread across the area. Snowfall rates of 2"/hour possible at times. Isolated thundersnow. Some sleet may mix in. Snow should begin taper off around 5pm. Total accumulations around 6".

Currently: Light snow in NW Washington, DC. New snow, dusting. Temperature, 18 F.
Discussion: It's time for snow lovers to stop panicking and for last minute grocery shoppers to get home. In the next hour, steady snow will overtake most of the DC area. Snow may become heavy this afternoon. Because the models have trended weaker with this storm, my overall snow accumulation forecast is adjusted downward slightly to 4-6." Some areas in MD could see more than that, and areas in Virginia a bit less.

8:45 am
Currently: Light snow in NW Washington DC, Temperature 17 degrees
Discussion: Snow is starting to fill in a bit across the area, but there is a very sharp cutoff to the snow in Fairfax County stretching westward across northern Virginia. I think the general trend will be for this cutoff to edge south, so Fairfax County, Loudon County and eventually Prince William County will get in on the snow (probably between 9:30 and 11am). Bottom line is that Maryland will be snowier than Virginia this morning (and for the entire storm). Expect 1-3" between now and 1pm -- with 1 inch in the southern suburbs, and up to 3 inches in the northern suburbs.

Capitol City EarthCam
Montgomery County Traffic Cams
Traffic Land Cams (for the whole area, including Northern Virginia)

Closings from WUSA-TV9

Many more webcam, closing and travel links (including airports):'s Washington, DC page

I will provide updates (or nowcasts) periodically (every couple of hours or as necessary) within this post. My complete storm assessment is in the previous post. Put your storm reports in this post. Thanks!

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