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Weekend forecast -- Sunday snow?

Jason Samenow @ 1:43 AM

Photo by Kevin AmbroseIt's going to be a very winterlike weekend in the Washington, DC area. But it's the middle of winter -- so no surprise there. The question on everyone's mind is how much is it going to snow Sunday, if at all?

Today will start off on the very cold side, with single digits in the suburbs and low teens downtown. With abundant sunshine, temperatures will climb to 30 in the afternoon. There will be a few more clouds around Saturday, with temperatures reaching 34-38.

The fun begins Saturday night when overrunning precipitation approaches from the south. Right now, it appears like some light snow could begin around daybreak Sunday. It may continue intermittently through the afternoon -- when it could mix with or change to sleet and freezing rain -- especially during periods of lighter precipitation. High temperatures should be between 30 and 32. Precipitation will be heaviest to the south and west. Areas in and around Richmond may experience significant icing. Keep that in mind if you're headed south on I-95 on Sunday.

Accumulations around the DC area should be light -- on the order of 1" or so. If the models trend a bit stronger and further north with the storm, amounts may be greater. If models trend south with the storm track, we may get no snow. Here's my assessment of what the different snowfall scenarios are for Sunday:

Overall storm assessment
Storm Impact:

Travelcast (Sunday):

Schoolcast (for Monday):

Summarizing, there's a 50% chance of 1" or less, and 50% chance of more than 1". The chance of more than 3" is just 25%. Friday night/Saturday morning, I will fine tune this outlook and include an accumulation map (if necessary).

Pictured: A cold blue sky in the DC area Thursday and Friday. By Photographer Kevin Ambrose.

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