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Your early summer... I mean Winter... Ski Report

Jamie Jones @ 10:28 AM

With such GREAT golf temperatures over the past few weeks, many (including myself) have forgotten winter activities that are normally in full force. For one, the MLK weekend is one of the biggest of the winter for ski resorts in the area (outside of President's Day), but I am not sure the resorts are having quite the winter they would hope. Because of our warm weather (see Jason's post below for more information on this), most of the area's resorts have been struggling to just keep their snowbase alive going into the 2nd half of spring... I mean winter.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with my season lift ticket and snowboard since it looks like I won't be going to wintergreen anytime soon??

Area conditions:
SnowShoe Mountain Resort (W.Va)

Base : 16-28 inches.
Trails : 46 open (10 Lifts) . 82% open.

Canaan Valley Resort (W.Va)
Base : 12-24 inches.
Trails : 5 open (2 Lifts) . 13% open.

Wintergreen Resort (Va)
Base : 12-26 inches.
Trails : 2 open (1 Lifts) . 9% open.

Massanutten Resort (Va)
Base : 12-20 inches.
Trails : 7 open (5 Lifts) . 50% open.

Bryce Mountain (Va)
Base : 10-19 inches
Trails : 6 open (3 Lifts) . 75% open.

Deer Creek (Md)
Base : 8-18 inches.
Trails : 10 open (5 Lifts) . 5% open.

Now, I can't find the numbers online, but I can postulate from memory that last year at this time my local resort (Wintergreen) had over 40 inches of a base and was running at full capacity. Ahh, the memories of when men were men and winter was cold.

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