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Another snowy President's Day weekend?

Jason Samenow @ 12:36 AM

Two of Washington, DC's biggest snowstorms have occurred over President's Day weekends in past years. 17 inches fell in 2003, and 19 inches accumulated in 1979. Will President's Day once again be white? Chances are looking up, but we won't have a repeat of the mammoth '79 and '03 storms.

Don't anticipate snow today, however. Expect partial sunshine and cold temps today -- with the high around 40 after morning lows of 24-28. Saturday looks to be a carbon copy of today.

The forecast gets interesting Sunday, as precipitation ahead of a developing storm in the Midwest progresses eastward. That precipitation will overrun cold air entrenched over the area, and will likely begin falling as snow after dark Sunday. Depending on the exact track of the storm, the snow could change to sleet and rain overnight Sunday or remain predominantly snow. If the storm takes more of a northerly track, 1" of snow or less is likely, as precipitation will change to rain quickly. A more southerly track would favor amounts in excess of 3". Based on current guidance and trends, I am favoring a more southerly track.

Overall storm assessment

Storm Impact:

Travelcast (Sunday night):

Schoolcast (for Monday): Holiday, schools closed

The bottom line is the following:
  • There is a 60% chance of at least 1" of snow from this storm, and a 40% chance of at least 3" of snow
  • Minimal accumulations of less than 1" are certainly possible (40% chance)
  • The most likely snowfall amount for Reagan National is 2"
As always, stay tuned. Tomorrow night, I will create an area snowfall map.

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