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Having fun, and getting fired. What's love got to do with it?

Jason Samenow @ 12:13 AM

Photo by Kevin AmbroseIt's Friday. So it's time to take a break from weather geekdom (there will be no analyses of troughs, oscillations, data or weather models) and bring you some mindless, but hopefully fun content.

Forecast first
The day may not get off to a fun start if walking outside is a significant part of your morning commute. Temps will be in the low to mid twenties, but an unpleasant wind chill will make it feel more like 10. Fortunately, even as the wind persists into the afternoon, temperatures will moderate into the low 40s with abundant sunshine. A decent weekend is in store with mostly sunny skies Saturday and highs 45-50. Sunday, some high clouds increase late, with the high around 50.

Fun on the slopes
Most local ski resorts are in full not a bad weekend to snow plow down the mountain if you don't mind skiing on fake snow. Wisp seems to be the only local resort that has the real stuff. It has received about 4" of new snow in the last couple days.

You're fired
Yes, you may well be fired if you play this video out loud at work. (You've been warned once). Since I consider a "family friendly" site, I debated whether or not to post this profanity laden clip (you've been warned again) -- but it's in keeping with the series of entertaining (and comical) weather videos that we've been bringing you. If you don't like it, don't listen.

By the way, if you're wondering whether the weatherman in the video was fired, I doubt it. I think the clip is a take that never actually airred, but found its way onto the net.

While we're on the subject of things that can get you fired, apparently if I posted here "I hate my job and my boss is an idiot" (whoops I just did) I could be canned according to an article in today's Washington Post. See: Free Expression Can Be Costly When Bloggers Bad-Mouth Jobs. For the record, I "love" my job.

Weather for lovers
Speaking of love, take a look at this press release excerpt:
Snow storms topped the list of "Most Romantic Weather Conditions," according to the results of the Weather Channel's first annual "Weather and Romance Survey"
This begs the question: Will it snow on Valentine's Day? The answer is no. Hopefully my forecast doesn't break too many hearts.

Finally, what in the heck is The Weather Channel doing conducting romance surveys?

(Pictured: High winds and clearing skies as a low pressure system develops well northeast of the area yesterday. This photo was taken in Greenbelt, MD. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.)

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