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Mid-day: Sunny but cold; next action likely Monday

Steve Scolnik @ 1:00 PM

The official Washington reporting station at National observed snow for 25 consecutive hours from 3am yesterday through 3am today, as precipitation persisted well after the low pressure area moved off the North Carolina coast. Most of those snow observations were of the light variety, however. This morning, the snow from that storm was already moving out of eastern New England. In our area, the strong sun is not only melting the snow on sunny pavements, but drying them out as well. I can see grass reappearing along the edges of the driveways and sidewalks across the street. The air temperature, on the other hand, was barely getting above freezing at noon in most of the area. Mid to upper 30's should be reachable in most locations this afternoon.

Judging from the recipes sitting out on the counter, it seems that Momma Nature is fixing to prepare a large batch of her ever-popular Spicy Late-Winter Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic Gumbo down at the Weather Grill. The expected meal time in our area is Monday. Unlike yesterday, the main issue for us will probably not be the size of the helpings, but rather the temperature of the meal. Ms. Nature likes to surprise her diners, so she often tries to keep the precise menu a secret until as late as possible. At this point, odds favor plenty of rain, but frozen appetizers or dessert are not out of the question. Check in with Jason's updates over the weekend as we try to figure out what the cook is up to this time. You can also post your thoughts in the comments; please try to include the reasons behind your opinion.

There's some more discussion of the snow day issue in today's Washington Post.

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