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Saturday update

Jason Samenow @ 10:32 AM

After a long stretch of cold, today brings a welcome relief. Look for beautiful sunshine and temperatures reaching the low to mid 50s. Same deal tomorrow.

Credit where credit is due
Yesterday, I took shots at some local forecasters who made some statements about Thursday's snow that they probably wish they could take back. I neglected to mention that Tony Pann at WUSA (Channel 9) had included a chance of snow in his extended forecast for Thursday as early as last Saturday night. So props to Tony and the 9 weather team.

UK Weather Blog
Weather blogs are becoming an international rage. Well, maybe not, but the first weather blog outside the U.S. was launched in December. Take a look at Rising Slowly - The UK Weather Blog -- both entertaining and well-designed.

A storm over Meteorologist law
A Texas official had proposed a bill that "would make it a very minor crime (misdemeanor) to call yourself a meteorologist unless you meet specific academic requirements included in the bill" according to this Waco Tribune story. However, after a flurry of complaints from local weathercasters, the bill is no longer a priority according to reports.

Weather Satire: San Diego Deluged with Up to .03" of Rain

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