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Jason Samenow @ 3:18 PM

I've been tinkering with some things today and am interested in user feedback.

*I've changed the commenting system over so that comments can be viewed on the same page as the post being referred to (i.e. the comments are integrated with the post rather than independent). The downside is that the scores of historic comments we've received will be...history, and it takes two clicks to comment instead of one.
*I've added a new page, called Forecasts, which contains links to the various media, government and private company forecasts produced for the area. (This was previously in a box on the sidebar.) As time wears on, we will add more forecast content to this page.
*I've added a feature so that you may email posts to a friend (see the mail icon next to 'Comments')
*The team contributors are now listed on the sidebar. We've developed a posting schedule, so different members of the team have an assigned day of the week to post. Links that contain more information about the person posting have been developed.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the old commenting system or new commenting system better? Would you rather the forecast links be on the sidebar, or are they ok on their own page?

Give us your input by testing out the new commenting system.


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