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Storm update and a few thoughts...

Jason Samenow @ 9:40 PM

**9:35pm Special Flash Update**
Light to moderate snow has persisted and expanded across the area. 1" or so of additional accumulation is possible. 4.5" is on the ground in NW DC with light snow falling.

Schoolcast for tomorrow:

(Major counties like Fairfax, Montgomery, Prince William and PG will likely close while cities like Arlington, Alexandria and DC are a tough call)


  • Just measured 4" of snow in NW Washington.
  • Be careful out there -- temps are tanking a bit (down to 26 in NW Washington) and secondary roads are freezing up.
  • The impact of this storm was significantly reduced by the warm ground temps and daylight timing. It's immediately apparent when you consider how quickly things are freezing up now, as dusk sets in.
  • Intermittent light snow should continue for a while. Even though the main precip shield has passed us by -- there's a bit of redevelopment ahead of the wave in West Virginia and guidance suggests scattered, occasional light snow could continue through midnight or so. Additional accumulations will be heaviest to the north 1-2" -- generally less than 1" around DC from this point onward.
  • On comments-- Thanks to everyone who posted. We appreciate all of the comments. In general, try to make your comments substantive -- e.g. tell us what it's doing where you live and report snow totals. Feel free to discuss model runs, radar trends, etc. Questions to the CapitalWeather team are fine -- just understand that many of us have day jobs, we are all volunteers and may not get to every question immediately. As a general rule -- try to avoid the "how much snow for where I live" question. Refer to the snowfall maps we post and our discussions. If we feel there is a good reason to change our snowfall forecast, we will update the site accordingly.
  • On radar trends-- I've noticed folks sometimes tend to overreact to what they perceive as "the back edge". Some commenters thought this storm would end at 1pm based on what they were seeing at 11am. Understand that precipitation tends to fill in as a coastal low forms and can then be slow to retreat. Be patient.
  • Since the storm is winding down, now is a great time to post your storm totals (maybe wait a couple hours if you live to the north). Thanks again for everyone's participation.

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