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Storm updates...

Jason Samenow @ 9:00 AM

9:00am in NW Washington, DC: 32 degrees and cloudy.
Discussion: I promise, it's coming. Just taking its sweet time. Amazing that it was snowing at 1am in Charlottesville, and 8 hours later, still hasn't gotten here. By 10am, it WILL be snowing across the greater region and will become moderate by 11am. I'm sticking with my accumulation outlook posted at 7:45am. meteorologist Steve Scolnik takes over for me now as I head to work, and will provide updates through the afternoon.

7:45am in NW Washington, DC: 32 degrees with light snow, flurries
Discussion: In the spirit of honesty, not sure what to do about the accumulation forecast. Yes, this is going to be quick hitter, but also somewhat intense. Also, there will be some additional light snows overnight. The problem is the mix of sleet and/or rain that is possible. It's not out of the question that it will stay all snow here (here includes inside the beltway and points N & W). However, if it does mix, it will likely mix when the precipitation is potentially heaviest (in the afternoon), which could easily cut snowfall forecasts in half (from 6-10" to 3-5"). The immediate DC area is right on the border of where it may mix. Given the possibility of a mix, I'll continue to call for 6-10" north and west of a line from Bethesda to Vienna (some mixing cannot be ruled out for these areas, but less likely), but lower accumulations to 4-8" to the south and east of that line within the DC metropolitan area. In the near term, expect snow to increase in coverage and intensity over the next hour.

6:15 am in NW Washington, DC: 32 degrees and cloudy
Discussion: Snow is on the way, but is a bit delayed. It appears it will take another couple of hours for the atmosphere to become sufficiently moist for the flakes to fall particularly north and east of DC. As soon as the snow begins, it will increase in intensity rather quickly. The latest guidance brings in some warm air aloft which will likely cause the snow to mix with and/or change to sleet (and even some rain), particularly in the District and points south and east. This could hold snow totals down in those areas by several inches. Also, the storm also looks to be a quick hitter -- another factor that may hold down accumulations a bit. I'll revisit the accumulation outlook in the next update. In about 90 minutes.

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Let us know when the snow begins where you live and indicate location.

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