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The week ahead

Jason Samenow @ 1:00 AM

For starters, Happy Valentine's Day. I regret the weather is so dismal. Either a warm, sunny day or a heavy snow would've set the mood better. But what can you do?

Yes, it's raining today -- and some areas (N & W suburbs) could see a wintry mix (of sleet, wet snow and rain) this morning before precipitation becomes all rain by 10am or so. Today's rain will be steady -- call it a soaker. 1 inch of rain is definitely possible before it all tapers off tonight. High temperatures should be in the mid 40s.

There won't be cold air blasting in behind this storm, so Tuesday will be nice'n mild. With a westerly wind, and sunshine, 60 degrees could be in the offing.

Wednesday is a significant day weatherwise. It should start off with some sun, but clouds will increase and some showers and even a thunderstorm can't be ruled out late in the afternoon as a strong cold front blasts through. After highs well into the 50s, the passage of this front could set the stage for a cold and active end to February.

Thursday will be breezy and much colder -- with highs in the 30s. Same deal for Friday.

And yes, by late Saturday clouds increase and snow could break out Saturday night. The details on this are quite sketchy so stay tuned.

Joe Witte vs. Tony Pann vs. National Weather Service vs. Jason Samenow

An anonymous commenter pointed out the differences between the 7-day forecasts on the websites of Channel 7 and 9. See the image below.

Joe Witte is the weekend meteorologist at Channel 7, and Tony Pann is the guy at Channel 9. To throw another forecast into the mix, here's the National Weather Service's 7-day forecast from last night (this is what we use here at CapitalWeather, although we don't always agree with it):

I thought I'd have some fun and give you my own numbers for the next week (and mention precip where applicable). I have a bit of an edge since I have the benefit of seeing everyone else's forecast and the use of the latest model runs, but it's not significant. We'll see who did the best this time next week.

Jason's 7-day (the given low is for the next morning):
Monday: 47/43
Tuesday: 59/40
Wednesday: 56/28 (PM Rain)
Thursday: 39/23
Friday: 36/25
Saturday: 35/27
Sunday: 34 (Snow)

There are some pretty remarkable differences in these forecasts. Notice Tony Pann and I are significantly colder than Channel 7 and NWS, especially after Wednesday.

Weather Fanatics
Here's a good read about weather enthusiasts (from the Morning Call in PA): An obsession with weather

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