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A Cold Slap in the Face

Dan Stillman @ 1:10 AM

Mother Nature is often moody in March, and this year is no exception. Just two days ago she teased us with temperatures near 70. Now she's slapping us upside the head with single-digit wind chills.

Welcome to a cold, blustery Wednesday
We'll start the morning with temps in the upper teens to low 20s, and wind chills in the single digits in some places. Mostly sunny skies will not warm things up very much. Highs 32-37.

Partly cloudy, less windy and still cold. Lows in the mid-teens to low 20s.

Mostly sunny early, clouds mixing in during the afternoon. Only a tad warmer with highs 35-40. Sorry we couldn't have a warmer day for those in town for the opening round of the ACC Tournament. (Ya should've been here Monday!)

Tomorrow night
Increasing clouds. Lows in the upper 20s to near 30. Could see light snow after 1 a.m., maybe mixing with rain during the day on Friday. If there were to be any accumulation, we'd probably be talking in the range of a dusting to one inch.

Friday through Sunday
Highs in the low 40s. We're keeping our eye on a coastal storm for Saturday. Right now, indications are that it might track too far east to bring us anything significant. A chance of more light snow or rain Saturday evening and again during the day on Sunday.

Googling the Weather

Google has added yet another neat trick to its search engine, which I truly believe someday will hold enough power to control the world. In the Google search box, just type "weather" followed by a city name (in some cases a state abbreviation is also needed) or zip code. Displayed at the top of the search results will be a graphical forecast for that location provided by Weather Underground. Click here for Google's explanation of the feature. As cool as that is, we'd still like you to come here if it's Washington-area weather you're interested in.

On a related note that has nothing to do with weather, I have to say that the new Google Maps is awesome. It blows MapQuest out of the water. And no, I don't own stock in Google. I just think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of course, should Google ever start charging for its services, I will at that point immediately consider them part of the evil empire now ruled by Comcast and Verizon. But I digress ...

Can't We All Just Get Along?

As Jason pointed out in his post last Tuesday, we received several comments from those not entirely pleased with our forecasting of last Monday's storm. I think I speak for all of us at CapitalWeather when I say that our goal is to never, ever blow a forecast. But alas we are talking about the weather here, and, well, things happen. In the event that we do botch a forecast sometime in the future, I can only hope our readers will remember these words of wisdom from Madina Kadyrova:

"It's not so good for person to be angry for weather, for another conditions, because the main (one) is the weather in your heart."
Couldn't have said it better myself, Madina. By the way, Madina's quote, which appeared in a story on, was in response to the mayor of Moscow's plan to fine weather forecasters for inaccurate predictions. I really hope this idea doesn't catch on.

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