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Mid-day update: Marching to January

Steve Scolnik @ 1:30 PM

It's a fine January day here in the Washington metro area, as temperatures in the upper 30's at noon were mostly in the low 40's by 1pm under sunny skies and generally light variable winds. As Jason explains below, the weekend will be more unsettled, as a weak low pressure area now in the Midwest heads eastward. Radar at 1:00 showed some snow showers moving into southern Ohio and western and central West Virginia ahead of this system. Charleston WV reported light snow and a temperature of 36 at noon. Parkersburg and Beckley joined in at 1pm, both with temperatures of 34, while Elkins had light rain and 39 degrees.

Jason's link to Chicago weathercaster Harry Volkman inspired me to look for references to my personal broadcast hero, the late Louis Allen of channel 7 (then WMAL). I found a picture of him on the dcrtv blog. Talk about technology! His graphics consisted of drawing with a felt-tip marker on a paper pad. He still managed to convey the message clearly, accurately and without the hype we often see today. Speaking of weather hype, the Montgomery Sentinel has also weighed in on the subject.

And speaking of technology, the spell checker doesn't recognize the word "blog"! It suggests such varied alternatives as "bloc", "bloke", "bolos" and "blouse".

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