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Mid-day update

Steve Scolnik @ 12:25 PM

Finally, a near-average March afternoon! Averages are simply the result of combining all the extremes, but today's temperatures should be close to typical for March in Washington.

This morning's weather map shows a nearly stationary front hovering around the Mason-Dixon line. After a chilly morning low of 31, the 12th day this month with a below-freezing low, we're headed for the mid 50's this afternoon, very close to the normal of 56. By 10am, a few stations in the area had already reported 50 degrees under sunny skies. With several places up to 55 at noon, some upper 50's or even 60 degrees are likely. Don't tell the boss we said so, but today would be the perfect time to sneak out early for a round of golf or other outdoor activity, since the threat of showers will be with us over the weekend, especially by late tomorrow. (See Jason's weekend forecast below.) I plan to be out for a walk as soon as this is posted.

Meanwhile, the Nationals were rained out again yesterday in Florida. At 11am, a few stations in the DC metro area were as warm as Orlando at 54 degrees.

Weekend reading suggestion
With winter winding down, true snow fans might want to consider the next best thing: The current issue of Weatherwise magazine has a very positive review of a new edition of "Northeast Snowstorms". This is a 2-volume set by Paul Kocin, of Weather Channel winter weather expert fame, and Louis Uccellini, the head of NOAA's NCEP (the center formerly known by us old-timers as NMC). Since I had not found the time to read V1.0, I was hesitant to shell out the $$ for the upgrade. The review, however, says that the book is great for the "snow-crazed" (You know who you are!) and professional meteorologist alike. In addition to the 2 books, there is a DVD containing lots of data from real storms along with analysis software. On the basis of this recommendation, I ordered a copy. I'll post my reactions when I've had a chance to check it out. The price is a bit steep at $95, but American Meteorological Society members get a discounted price of $75 and student members save another $20; a good reason to join if you are not already a member. They don't take orders on the web, but a nice lady will take your phone order at (617) 227-2426 Ext. 204. If you don't already subscribe to Weatherwise, I would strongly recommend that as well. I began reading the magazine when I was about 11 or 12. I learned all about troughs and ridges by reading the late David Ludlum's monthly weather summaries.

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