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Odds and ends

Jason Samenow @ 8:30 AM


Tomorrow will be dreary with scattered light snow in the morning, mixing with rain in the afternoon. Highs will be near 40. Little or no accumulation is expected. Sunday looks to be the better of the two days with variably cloudy skies and highs 44-48 (our average high is 52).
Lots of little bits of information in today's post. First things first, today will be partly cloudy, with highs in the low 40s. There's the possibility of some scattered light snow tonight, which should not amount to much -- with temperatures at or above freezing (by and large).

Big storm late next week?
Long range models are suggesting a large storm could form late next week (Thursday through Saturday), coupled with a cold air outbreak. Many storms shown on the long range models never materialize -- but several are suggesting the possibility, meaning the possibility should at least be taken seriously.

What's chirping?
WeatherBug has launched a couple of new blogs. They have a "corporate" weather blog and "Chief Chirp" Stephanie Blozy has her own blog. On the corporate blog, Weatherbug Chief Meteorologist Mark Hoekzema has a nice "editorial type" post on the topic of bashing weather forecasters. Go ahead and check these new blogs out, they've been nice enough to link to us....

Deep freeze in the UK?
WxNation and the UK's Weather Blog "Rising Slowly" both write about the severe winter weather occurring on the other side of the Atlantic. Commuters have been told to stay home in London due to the snow, freezing rain and cold. However, I find the hysteria sort of strange, as temperatures reached the high 30s in London yesterday, and are in the mid 40s this afternoon.

Friday Video
Whenever I can, I'm going to try to find weather videos to show on Friday. Of course, some of you may remember the clip I showed of the world's worst weatherman a couple weeks ago. This week, I bring you the opposite. visitor Kathy Thatte sent me a link to this video of a weathercast from 1967 (requires Real Video) from legendary Broadcast Meteorologist Harry Volkman, who worked in Chicago for decades. What's amazing is that, with virtually no technology, this guy presents a compelling, informative and entertaining weathercast far superior to most today with street level doppler radar, fly through 3d graphics and the rest. Here's some background information on the video.

Forecast Contest Update
Through the end of February, my father Stanton Samenow, is winning's winter snowfall prediction contest. He predicted 11 inches of snow, whereas 11.7" have officially fallen. Is this contest rigged?

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