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Saturday update

Jason Samenow @ 2:48 AM

The Forecast
Today will be pretty decent weatherwise and probably better for outdoor activities than Sunday. The rain should hold off until the overnight hours, and while we'll have increasing clouds, high temps should be mild -- between about 54-58.

Cool March rains will fall overnight, with lows around 40. Rainfall should be on the order of 0.25-0.5"...

After a few showers Sunday morning, it will remain cloudy, but mild, with highs again 54-58.

Blogs, and more blogs
Everybody's got a blog these days. The new rage seems to be "corporate blogs." The Washington Post writes about this today: More PR Than No Holds Barred On Bosses' Corporate Blogs

In the world of weather, WeatherBug and AccuWeather have launched corporate blogs. AccuWeather's is a website "redesign blog" where it updates visitors on the status of its site revamping process and solicits their input.

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