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The snow that keeps on missing...

Jason Samenow @ 2:47 AM

Forecast update
To the north, to the south, and to the west, the greater DC area continues to miss out on snow chances. That looks again to be the case today and tonight.

For today, after one wave passes to our south early this morning, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and highs 45-49. Tonight, another wave will develop to the south and move northeastward, but once again -- most of its associated precipitation will stay south of our area. I would put odds of seeing any measurable snow at just 1/3 overnight tonight.

I'm still watching the possibility of a storm for mid to late week. To me, temperatures look to be a shade too high for significant snow -- but the storm bears monitoring -- as it has the potential to be a strong one...

More on The Weather Channel
The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports (article link found at WxNation):
The Weather Channel is undergoing a radical rebranding campaign to emphasize the connection its viewers have with the weather, and by extension, the channel.
Here is the full article: Weather Channel to get new look, logo

If the snow threat for tonight increases today (based on new data/information), I'll try to update by 10pm. Otherwise, assume it's going to be a non-event, in which case my next post will be the usual Monday "week ahead outlook" posted later (around midnight or so)...

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