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Weekend forecast and more...

Jason Samenow @ 12:17 AM

Forecast update

Through the weekend, it's going to remain cold, with occasional periods of generally light precipitation, none of which should amount to much.
  • Today will bring some scattered light snow in the morning, then some rain showers are possible in the afternoon, that could mix with snow. Expect highs 40-45. No accumulation expected. (50% chance of precipitation)
  • Another period of light snow is possible late tonight into tomorrow morning. Lows tonight will be around 30, with highs on Saturday only near 40. (40% chance of precipitation)
  • Sunday looks mostly cloudy with some showers of rain and/or snow possible. Highs should be in the low 40s. (30% chance of precipitation)
All in all, a somewhat gloomy weekend. But a great weekend to catch the ACC tournament (Go 'Hoos) or the DC Environmental Film Festival. Because the overall pattern is complex with numerous waves rippling through, I'll be fine tuning/updating the forecast over the weekend.

The Weather Channel becoming less about the current weather

Does anyone else get irritated when they tune into The Weather Channel (TWC) for some live weather analysis and they're showing yet another edition of 'Storm Stories'? To me every 'Storm Stories' is the same. You've got Jim Cantore's melodramatic voiceover, a home destroyed and teary eyewitness accounts in each and every episode. I find it repetitive and unwatchable. This article from Media Life says expect more "long-form programming" and less forecast coverage on TWC. So it seems TWC is going the way of MTV (which replaced music videos with longer programming formats years ago). While Storm Stories is a bore, a reality storm chasing program could be pretty cool...

In the blogosphere...

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