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Welcome to spring! T-storms late this afternoon

Jason Samenow @ 10:05 AM

**Flash update: Heavy thunderstorms in Fairfax County at 3:35pm**
A thunderstorm with small hail (pea-sized) is moving east into eastern Fairfax County and Arlington. It will affect Washington, DC and PG county between 3:45 and 4:30pm with gusty winds, thunder, lightening, heavy rain and heavy, small hail. Be advised.

Spring officially began this morning and the weather is pretty springlike. We'll see a few lingering showers dissipate by noon, and then mostly cloudy skies this afternoon with a very slight chance of a late afternoon shower. (The National Weather Service forecast includes a mention of a thunderstorm, but I don't think that's particularly likely). Temperatures this afternoon will be in the mid to upper 50s.

Raining weather jobs?
According to this article in the Montreal Gazette, the job market in meteorology is booming in Canada. I'm not sure that would be my assessment of the situation here in the U.S. (job market seems about average), but it's an interesting read.

For those interested in meteorology jobs, here are a few sites that list openings:
American Meteorological Society
National Weather Association
Penn State's Meteorology Job Listings

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