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Cool Down In Sight

Dan Stillman @ 7:25 AM

Still hot and still humid today with temps climbing to around 90 again. The humidity will not be quite as stifling, as dewpoints should only be in the mid-60s compared to near 70 yesterday. A slim chance of a thunderstorm tonight. I don't anticipate any major problems for tonight's Joss Stone concert at Wolf Trap. The much-anticipated cool down begins tomorrow with highs 80-85.

Isolated But Intense

While most of the Washington area slept peacefully last night, a lonely thunderstorm cell peppered my North Bethesda neighborhood with pounding rain and an impressive display of lightning, knocking the power out shortly before my usual posting time. It was a great example of what us forecasters mean by "isolated thunderstorms." Steve got the forecast exactly right in his post yesterday afternoon, calling for the "remote possibility of an isolated shower" through the evening.

Pictured: Last night's storm, as seen from Fairfax. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Can't Stand the Heat

The heat took its toll on the Washington area yesterday. District schools, many of which have no central air conditioning, were forced to close early. The city took a few other steps as well to help folks cool off. Heat was the big story not only in D.C., but also up and down the East Coast.

Lukewarm Vote of Confidence

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and Ipsos found that 84 percent of those surveyed said that weather forecasts in their area were at least somewhat accurate. But just over 40 percent said there was a time in the past month when they made plans based on a weather forecast that turned out to be wrong. Here's the AP story about the poll, along with some additional demographic breakdowns. Raw poll results can be found in this PDF document.

On a side note, Channel 4's Veronica Johnson is quoted in the AP story as saying, "When you're wrong, that's when they remember." She's also quoted as saying, "My own little girl said, 'Mommy, I told you I didn't like thunderstorms, but you keep making it thunder.'" Cute comment, but I find it strange the author chose to include it. Not sure what that has to do with forecast accuracy.

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