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Power of Hot Air

Steve Scolnik @ 11:15 PM

After some light showers moved through the area around noon yesterday, temperatures in the 80s and a cold front moving southward helped kick off some heavier storms late in the afternoon. A heavy thunderstorm moved down Rockville Pike around 5:30, turned a bit to the right, and moved around the Beltway Outer Loop into Fairfax County. National Airport recorded only light rain at 6pm, but the nearby 4 Winds network station here in Montgomery County reported 0.25", with a maximum rate of 1.08"/hr at 6:05. How much rain did you get?


With the cold front to the south of our area, today should be one of those MasterCard June days ("priceless"): a few puffy clouds, temperatures in the low 80s, low humidity, slight breeze. Tonight, lows should be in the mid 60s.

A warming trend sets in as we head into the weekend, with 90s likely by Saturday.

Summer Health

On Wednesday afternoon, the Washington Post had an online chat with Dr. Ryan Bosch, Division Director for General Internal Medicine and Associate Professor of Medicine at The George Washington University. The subject was "Staying Healthy This Summer". Among the subjects discussed were dehydration, walking or jogging on hot pavement, sun screen, skin cancer, and the effects of high humidity. Stay healthy this summer, everybody; to paraphrase Click and Clack the Car Guys, we need all the readers we can get!

Political Science

The Senate late Wednesday afternoon defeated the McCain(R-AZ)-Lieberman(D-CT) amendment to the energy bill by a vote of 60 to 38. The amendment would have set up a "cap-and-trade" system for limiting CO2 emissions in order to reduce total amounts to 2000 levels by 2010. After defeating the McCain-Lieberman proposal, the Senate adopted a non-binding resolution endorsing a mandatory cap-and-trade process for reducing emissions. On Tuesday, the Senate had approved the Hagel (R-NE) amendment, which sets up a voluntary system of emission reductions through tax incentives to utilities, coal producers and oil firms.

Among the roughly 100 other amendments being debated was one by Sen. Alexander (R-TN) which would fight visual pollution by limiting support for wind farm development. The Wall Street Journal called it "Tilting at Windmills". Don't send your complaints to me, folks, because I couldn't make this up if I tried, but the Nashville Tennessean noted on Saturday that "Senate financial disclosure forms released this week show that Alexander and his wife own undeveloped land worth between $1 million and $2 million on Nantucket, Mass., near the proposed site of a controversial offshore wind farm that has drawn fierce opposition from residents."

A vote is set for 10am today to cut off debate, with final action on the bill expected by the end of the week.

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