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Summer Treat

Steve Scolnik @ 3:15 PM

As the late sportscaster Mel Allen used to exclaim while announcing the baseball All-Star game, "It's a mid-summer night's dream classic!" (Never mind that the game was played in those days as God intended under the bright summer sun.) That's what we've got today in the Washington metro area, so if you're not reading this outside with a WiFi connection, shut off the computer and get out to enjoy it (and don't forget the sunscreen!).


After lows in the mid to upper 60s tonight, temperatures will climb to near 90 tomorrow with increasing humidity. Saturday should be hot and humid with highs in the low 90s.

Summer Fireworks's own Dan Stillman has a Q and A article "When Opposites Attract" in today's Kids Post about lightning, accompanied by one of Kevin Ambrose's outstanding Washington Monument lightning photos (in the print edition).

Summer Treat Gone Bad

The New York Times reported yesterday on the attempt to set a new Guinness Record for "World's Largest Popsicle." The 17 1/2 ton Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple on Ice was being raised by a crane in Union Square when (you guessed it!) it started to drip. The publicity stunt was called off "when the pink liquid began to flow onto East 17th Street." The fire department was called out to hose the sticky goo off the street and prevent a vehicle safety hazard. According to the N.Y. Daily News (Gooing, gooing, gone!"), Snapple offered to help pay for the cleanup. Following the mishap, "the remains of the pop were loaded into a freezer truck to be carted back to Edison, N.J., which apparently is where monster frozen treats go to die."

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