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Sunny and Dry

Steve Scolnik @ 4:00 PM

It's a delightful June afternoon in the Washington metro area: temperatures mainly in the low 80s and comfortable humidity (dewpoints in the upper 50s to just over 60). Dulles and Quantico were the cool spots at 4pm with 80. Some showers have formed along I-81 near and south of the intersection with I-64 in Virginia. A couple of these southwest of Charlottesville have small areas of moderate to heavy rain. Otherwise, our dry spell continues, dating back to June 6, when 1" of rain was recorded in the official DC rain bucket.

Although it was quite mild last night in the immediate area, some places in the region were downright chilly: Salisbury, on the Eastern Shore, broke last year's record of 45, under clear and calm conditions, with a distinctly un-summery 42 (6 C). Yesterday, Baltimore tied a record set in 1956 with a low of 52.


Partly cloudy skies tonight should accompany lows in the low 60s. Tomorrow, temperatures and humidities increase, highs in the mid 80s. There is a slight chance of showers, mainly in the southern and western portions of the region.

Political Science: Dreier Times for NOAA Spending

The National Weather Service Employees Organization reports that the House passed the NOAA appropriation late last week after cutting $50 million. The cut was the result of an amendment by Rep. Dreier (R-CA) to add the same amount to the SCAAP program. And what kind of scientific program is SCAAP? It's "to help states pay for imprisoning illegal immigrants who commit crimes on U.S. soil", according to the Whittier Daily News in California. Voting for the cut were 178 Republicans and 53 Democrats; against were 53 Republicans and 144 Democrats. You can check how your Representative voted on the NWSEO web site (pdf file). Oh, sorry, if you live in DC, your Representative doesn't have a vote.

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