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Hot Time in the Old Town . . .

Steve Scolnik @ 3:25 PM

And in the rest of the metro area, too:


How hot is it? Well, that's not such an easy question to answer. At 3pm, National was at 95 and Dulles 94. Leesburg, which frequently has suspiciously high readings, was reporting 100. Frederick and Ft. Belvoir were also outliers at 97. Most of the rest of the region was at 95. The following hour, National was 96, the highest reading there in almost 3 years (August 2002). Leesburg kept on trucking to 102. I have a reading of 102 shortly after 4pm in west-central Montgomery County, but the sensor, although in the shade, is too close to a concrete patio to be accurate. The local 4 Winds/WeatherBug station about a mile away is a more realistic 96.

Dewpoints, which had been mostly in the upper 70s yesterday, are more in the low 70s; there are even a couple of high 60s, so the heat index is actually a bit less nasty.

This morning's Post has a Metro front-page article which attempts to explain the heat index. The formula was garbled in translation in the online version, but, appropriately enough, the Birmingham NWS office has the formula, along with the table from which it was derived. There is also a link to an online calculator, which will also give the relative humidity from the temperature and dewpoint. The NWS Southern Region Scientific Services Division has a paper (pdf file) which gives some more background.


Tonight should be similar to last night, with lows in the upper 70s. Tomorrow will see more upper 90s to near 100 temperatures and an increasing chance (40%) of thunderstorms late in the day or at night.

Tropical Topics

Tropical Storm Franklin is still bopping around to the west of Bermuda with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. Movement is erratic, but generally a little east of north.

A large tropical wave in the central Atlantic has some potential for becoming better organized, but no storm development is expected through Wednesday.

Broadcast News: Help Wanted

The dcrtv blog reported over the weekend that Channel 5 has posted an ad "looking for a new morning weather person." This indicates that the rumors of Tom Sater's departure are confirmed.

Political Science

I thought I was a night person, but the fun-loving folks of the Senate-House conference committee were tossing the pork until after 2:30 am this morning, finishing action on the Energy Bill in order to skip town to avoid Washington in August. The greenhouse-gas issues were supposedly dealt with in earlier sessions, but I've been unable to locate any reports of the results.

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