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A Most Capital Fourth

Steve Scolnik @ 10:55 AM

Unlike last year, when over 2" of rain fell on the 4th, 2003, when it rained on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and 2001, when it rained nearly 1" on the 4th, this year's Fourth of July weekend weather looks outstanding for the Washington metro area. Following today's heat and humidity, highs near 90, showers and thunderstorms are likely this afternoon or evening as a cold front pushes eastward through the area. There is a slight chance of some storms being severe, with strong winds and hail. If anything interesting develops, we'll post updates here or in the Comments.

After lows tonight around 70, Saturday's highs will be in the mid 80s with low humidity. Highs on Sunday will be in the low 80s and on the Fourth in the mid 80s.

For the Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia ocean beaches, high temperatures each day Saturday through the Fourth should be in the upper 70s in the north to the lower 80s in the south under sunny skies.

For the Outer Banks of North Carolina, there is a chance of showers through Saturday afternoon, high temperatures around 80, then sunny on Sunday and Monday, with highs on Sunday around 80 and mid 80s on Monday.

Celestial Fireworks

It's not exactly meteorology, but our sister science astronomy is planning a spectacular event for the Fourth. The NASA Deep Impact probe will be making the first-ever direct contact with a comet early Monday morning. The pre-impact briefing is being carried on NASA TV at 1pm today, and there is other coverage through the event. The actual impact is scheduled for 1:52am Monday. NASA TV is carried on some local cable systems; on Montgomery Comcast, it's channel 21, although this channel is shared with local municipal broadcasting. The University of MD Astronomy Department is providing coverage online along with the Jet Propulsion Lab, and they are presenting a program on campus Sunday night as well.

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