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Saturday update...

Jason Samenow @ 10:17 AM

  • Expect plenty of sunshine today and comfortable humidity levels with a high near 90. Great weather for the Existian Music Festival, happening from 12-9pm in NW DC. Thanks DCist, for the tip.
  • Sunday will be very similar to today, with sunshine and temperatures near 90. A good day to check out the Scottish Games at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA.
  • It looks like we're going to bake early next week, as the hot air that broke records in the West moves in our direction. Temperatures may be in the 95-100 range with high humidity. Stay tuned.
  • Tropical storm Franklin continues to meander northward just north of the Bahamas. It looks like the front which is dropping our humidity will steer him a bit to the east away from the land. I don't think Franklin will threaten the U.S. and I don't think he'll ever get any stronger than a Category 1 hurricane, if that. Nonetheless, there's still some uncertainty about his ultimate track. We'll keep youp posted.
  • The National Hurricane Center is now monitoring a wave over the Yucatan that it expects will emerge in the southwestern Gulf and quite possibly develop into a depression. If it becomes a tropical storm, its name will be Gert.

Pictured: Sunrise reflects off of Vietnam Memorial this morning. By Photographer Kevin Ambrose

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