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Stuck in the soup

Jason Samenow @ 11:47 PM

Now through the weekend

More of the same. More of the same. Mostly cloudy and VERY humid conditions continue today and will last through the weekend. Scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms, capable of producing torrential downpours, crashing thunder and vivid lightning will fire up each day, but not everyone will get hit. I'd put rain probabilities for any single location in the area at 50% today, and 40% both Saturday and Sunday. High temperatures should be 84-87 today, 85-88 on Saturday and 86-90 on Sunday.

As far as weekend outdoor plans, I would say go ahead and schedule them, just be aware that storms could pop up with little notice from the late morning onward.

Emily Update

Emily is now packing quite a punch. As of press time, she's got 125mph maximum sustained winds, making her a Category 3 storm. There's very little stopping her from strengthening into a Category 4 storm as she continues traversing over very warm waters. Current track guidance takes her across the Yucatan into the southwest Gulf of Mexico before making a second landfall along the east coast of Mexico south of Texas -- although folks from Brownsville to Galveston, TX aren't out of the woods.

Useless entertainment info and bad/tasteless humor follow...

But evidently, that didn't stop you from reading:

*Weather nerds who happen to be reality TV fans will get a kick out of the fact one of the cast members of "Big Brother" is a meteorology student. More info at Reality TV Magazine.

*The Onion provides tips on sun safety. My favorite: "Risk of sunburn is especially high while swimming; strap on a thick lead suit before entering water"

*It would appear based on the above "safety tip" and the following opinion column, The Onion is going through a violent phase: If Heat Doesn't Kill the Elderly, I Will (caveat: this is satire)

*Finally, calls ex-Hurricane Dennis a "girly man": Failed hurricane Dennis turns to depression

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