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Sultry Saturday

Jason Samenow @ 12:43 AM

Today's weather

It's tough for it to be much more humid than it's going to be today. The relative humidity will be 70% or higher throughout the day, with dewpoints in the mid to upper 70s. YUCK. High temperatures will be in the upper 80s, but it will feel like 95-100. Given the high humidity levels, showers and thunderstorms are likely yet again, and some may dump copious amounts of rain in short periods of time. I would not be at all surprised to see Flood Warnings issued again today for parts of the region, as they were yesterday.

The best chance of rain will be in the late afternoon, although showers and storms could break out as early as the late morning. Not everyone will experience the torrential downpours, and there will be intervals of partial sunshine. So I'm not expecting a total washout for outdoor plans.

Yesterday's rain

Dulles Airport set a new daily rainfall record yesterday, as 1.01" fell. Reagan National recorded 1.18", but it was not a record. Flash flooding was reported in northern Fairfax County and in Montgomery County, where there was a water rescue according to National Weather Service reports.

Tropical rains good for crops

The main culprit for the recent rains is the remnant low from Hurricane Dennis. As it turns out, our area receives 20-30% of its summer rain from tropical systems or their remnants. If we didn't get this rain, it would be a bad thing for agriculture as the years with suppressed tropical activity have a greater likelihood of drought. Virginia Assistant State Climatologist Jerry Stenger explains: Virginia Farm Bureau Weather Report (requires Windows Media)

Tropical update

Hurricane Emily continues to fluctuate in intensity, but as of the 11pm update last night had grown significantly stronger and is once again a Category 4 storm. Dr. Jeff Master's, Chief Meteorologist at, believes Emily may grow stronger than Dennis at his peak. I tend to concur given current trends and the overall environment. Unfortunately, it looks like the Mexican Yucatan peninsula will take a real beating from this storm Sunday night and Monday.

After that, it would appear a weakened Emily will proceed on a track such that she will strike south of Texas although I'd still be watching this thing very closely if I were in South Padre Island...

More Dennis

Just as the rains of Dennis remnants won't seem to die, neither does talk of the storm. Weatherbug's Corporate Blog reports visitors have been uploading home videos of the storm.

And finally, Podcaster Chris Pirillo has put together a nice parody (audio clip) of cable news Dennis coverage.

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