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Sunny day, stormy night?

Jason Samenow @ 9:49 AM

Now Through The Early Part of the Coming Week

It's another beautiful summer day. Expect plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the high 80s to around 90. Dewpoints will be in the low to mid 60s, so the humidity will not be bad.

A huge ridge of high pressure aloft (kinda like a giant heat bubble), responsible for record heat in the West and Midwest (triple digit heat in Chicago today) will continue its progression eastward overnight. A cluster of strong to severe thunderstorms (a mescoscale convective system in weather lingo) is likely to accompany the leading of the ridge (i.e. the warm front). Do not be surprised if you are awakened by thunder, lightning and strong winds overnight (late--after midnight or even towards dusk). The National Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement about the thunderstorm risk and the upcoming heatwave. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has under a "slight risk" of severe storms overnight.

The heat early this week is going to be pretty intense. Highs of at least 95 are likely Monday through Wednesday. Tuesday may flirt with 100. But it won't just be heat, dewpoints will likely be in the low to mid 70s. Heat indices could approach 110 on Tuesday. More on the heat in tomorrow's post.

Image courtesy AccuWeather.

Other Items

  • The Washington Post has an article about Friday night's storms that caused 32,000 power outages and scores of downed trees. The National Weather Service said the storm that passed through Silver Spring and NE/NW DC was "probably the strongest" this summer.
  • Tropical Depression 7 was upgraded to Tropical Storm Gert overnight -- although I wonder if it's really a tropical storm. The National Hurricane Center conceded that winds near the center are "quite light" and it's hard to detect much in the way of circulation on the satellite image. She's currently in the western Gulf of Mexico and will bring some heavy rains to Northern Mexico.
  • Tropical Storm Franklin is getting sheared as he moves eastward away from land, now well east of the Bahamas. He's expected to continue eastward and weaken due to continued shear and colder waters.
  • Autoweek has an article about a Ford-450 truck armored by a stormchaser to drive into tornadoes (article found on WeatherNation's Wire)
  • Tony Pann's and Justin Berk's weekly weather talk radio show is on at 3pm today (WCBM 680).

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