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The week ahead

Jason Samenow @ 11:39 PM

A Heat Advisory is in effect today and tomorrow

The heat and humidity are here to stay
-- although the really oppressive humidity will begin fading (to just your typical DC July humidity) by Wednesday. Here are the daily details:

Today: A day not unlike yesterday. Hot and humid with scattered thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening. The high should be around 90.

Tuesday: Continued hot and humid, with scattered storms -- perhaps not as numerous as today. High temperatures in the low 90s.

: Hot, but not as humid (but still somewhat humid). Perhaps a few isolated thunderstorms -- but decreased coverage from previous days. Highs in the low 90s.

Thursday: Plenty of sunshine and very warm -- somewhat humid. Storm chances are low. Highs around 90.

Friday and Saturday: Hot and a bit humid, with temperatures in the low 90s.

: Continued hot and somewhat humid, with temperatures perhaps reaching the low 90s. Could be some late afternoon or evening storms.

Forecast competition update: edges

In our weekly high temperature forecasting contest, CapitalWeather was just a bit more accurate than last week. We were just 2.14 degrees off/forecast compared to's 2.4 degrees off/forecast. On the grading scale, that gives us both B's -- although perhaps our effort merits a B+. For those of you keeping track, CapitalWeather is 2-0-1 in this exercise. This week's competition is the National Weather Service (see the top right graphic for our forecasts). Do you want to go head-to-head against CapitalWeather in this contest? If so, shoot me an email.

Weekend lightning

With all the showers and thunderstorms that developed over the weekend, there were quite a few lightning shows. DCist has a cool lightning photo on its site. And Ben Slade, who runs the Cleveland Park listserv, forwarded me this storm story from a resident whose house was struck by lightning in his neighborhood:
Our house was hit by lightning last night. I was home alone, but am fine (only because I was fleeing from my office after the lights flickering and I got a mild shock from the bolt before). Before I could run out of the room the whole room became a bright light and all the electrical equipment in the room was fried. The fire dept., called on my cell phone, came immediately and declared that nothing was on fire after searching everywhere inside and out. But I will be off line for quite some time as electrical wires, computer, phones, the fax, copier, phone answering machine are pretty useless.
The lightning photo on the right was taken by photographer Kevin Ambrose, on an airplane, coming back from Orlando.

Hurricane Emily update

Emily is making landfall near Cozumel, Mexico today. Fortunately, as of last night's 11pm update, she had weakened a bit (maximum winds down to 135mph) but remains a Category Four storm. Because she is such a compact storm, this is good news for Cancun -- which will miss the worst of storm as the eye passes to its south. Nonetheless, much of the area has been evacuated and power outages have already been reported. Emily will probably weaken to a minimal hurricane over the Yucatan peninsula -- but will likely re-organize quickly when she re-emerges in the Gulf. Her second landfall should be in Northern Mexico, but areas like Brownsville and South Padre Island, Texas will likely feel some of her effects. For the latest news on Emily, see the WxNation wire.

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