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Capitol Bullseye

Steve Scolnik @ 3:45 PM

imageShowers and thunderstorms, which were mainly confined to West Virginia, the Maryland panhandle, and Pennsylvania at noon, spread over Northern Virginia, the District, and central Maryland early this afternoon. One rather small cell brought heavy rain to National about 1:30 and knocked the temperature down as low as 73. This cell moved right across the District and past College Park towards Baltimore. BWI was reporting a heavy thunderstorm around 2:45. Click here to see the full radar image of the maximum precipitation nearly centered over Capitol Hill, courtesy of the Weather Channel. Despite this hit to 2 out of the 3 regional airports, the storm was fairly isolated; Dulles reported no precipitation, and it has remained dry here in west-central Montgomery County.


Showers or thunderstorms can be expected pretty much anywhere and anytime through this evening; chance of measurable rain at any given location is 50%. Tomorrow should be similar to today, but with more sun in most locations, high temperatures in the mid 80s, upper 80s in the sunnier locations, and a 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms.

Shear Madness

Tropical Storm Harvey, moving north of latitude 40N, is still maintaining 50 mph maximum winds, but is losing its tropical characteristics.

Irene, which was only a minimal tropical storm, has become Tropically Depressed; it was officially downgraded this morning. The storm's low-level circulation has become more separated by westerly wind shear from the convection to the east, which itself is not very impressive. Ironically, the weakening could allow the storm to move more westerly, which would increase its chances of strengthening later on.

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