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Front stalls, less relief

Jason Samenow @ 8:00 AM

Pictured: Lightning strikes near the Lincoln Memorial last night. By Kevin Ambrose.

The front, which was supposed to slide to our south has stalled just to our north, keeping things a bit on the sticky side. Dewpoints across the area are in the mid to upper 60s. Given the position of the front, expect a warm and humid afternoon with a decent shot of scattered showers and thunderstorms developing. Highs should range from 85-89, with rain chances at about 40%. Unfortunately, the dry, comfortable air isn't going to make it here.

As of now, Sunday looks to have similar conditions to today, with warm, humid air and the threat of scattered showers/t'storms.

Tropical Update

Tropical Depression #9 is looking better organized this morning and could become Tropical Storm Irene in the next day or so. Conditions, in the short term, are just marginal for strengthening -- but chances are this storm will become a hurricane in a few days, and will bear watching as it continues moving northwestward.

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