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Moderate Monday

Steve Scolnik @ 3:50 PM

If your job isn't big enough for a 5-week vacation, you have the last laugh this week in the Washington metro area. A reinforcing shot of drier air behind a second cold front has brought dewpoints in the very comfortable mid 50s along with the temperatures in the upper 80s. As Jason has already posted below, the fine weather should continue through most of the week. This should provide excellent conditions for visiting the DC State Fair. (You'll have to look up page 2 in Saturday's dead-tree Style section for Richard Thompson's cartoon; if it's online, I can't find it with the Post's chronically abysmal web search.)


Under mainly clear skies, tonight's lows will be in the mid 60s downtown, lower 60s in the suburbs, and even some upper 50s in the outlying areas. Tomorrow will be sunny with low humidity, highs in the mid 80s.

Tropical Topics

Tropical Depression 11 popped up this morning out of an area of storms in the Bay of Campeche (far southwestern Gulf of Mexico). It was only 45 miles northeast of Veracruz Mexico at 5 pm, heading west towards the Mexican coast at about 8 mph.

The remnants of TD 10 are still working westward southeast of the Bahamas without showing signs of development.

A low pressure area is located in a large tropical wave west of the Cape Verde Islands in the eastern Atlantic. This system has the potential for further development in the next couple of days.

Fred Shuman: NWP Pioneer

Dr. Frederick Shuman, one of the founding fathers of operational numerical weather prediction, died July 29 in Fort Washington. His obituary was in yesterday's Post. Dr. Shuman's career at the National Meteorological Center (NMC) spanned the development of modern weather models. Along with John Hovermale, he developed the first primitive-equation (PE) model to be used for routine forecasting. The 6-layer PE model was put into operation on June 6, 1966 on a Control Data 6600 computer. It was the first of a new generation of models which greatly improved forecast accuracy by better representing the physics of fluid flow than had been possible with earlier technology. Dr. Shuman was the Director of NMC through my 3 tours of duty there: first as a student trainee (intern) while in college, then as a commissioned officer in the NOAA Corps, and finally as a civil service meteorologist.

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