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More of the same

Jason Samenow @ 8:48 AM

Not unlike yesterday, overcast skies this morning should give way to some peeks of sun in the afternoon. The old frontal boundary, now right over us, should fade today -- but perhaps serve as a focusing mechanism for scattered showers and storms. All in all, expect a humid afternoon with rain chances at about 1 in 3. High temperatures should range from 86-90, with 90 more likely if the sun is successful in breaking through.

Image courtesy AccuWeather.

Tropical Update

Tropical Depression 9 continues to hang in there and has the signature of a "sheared tropical storm" according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm will finally move into an environment more conducive to strengthening and should officially become Irene in the next day. Given the storm's northern latitude and projected path, it's likely to be a storm for the fishes (and not affect the U.S.). Nonetheless, we'll keep watching.

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