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Now through the weekend...

Jason Samenow @ 1:10 AM

We'll have one more hot, muggy day before a little relief moves in for the weekend. High temperatures today should reach about 95, with the heat index near 100. Late this afternoon and evening, as a cold front moves through, thunderstorms are a decent bet (50% probability). These storms are likely to produce heavy rain, gusty winds and dangerous lightning.

After the cold front clears the area late Friday, Saturday looks quite nice with abundant sunshine. Temperatures should drop about 10 degrees and humidity will be significantly lower. Expect highs in the mid 80s.

On Sunday, the old cold front that had stalled to our south, should lift northward as a warm front, increasing humidity a bit and may help set off some isolated storms. Highs should be 85-88.

Image courtesy AccuWeather

AMS Weather Conference Update

I spent part of this week at the AMS Broadcast Meteorology Meeting both staffing a booth and giving some presentations for my employer. Notable DC weather personalities I interacted with included Bob Ryan (NBC4), Doug Hill (ABC7), Veronica Johnson (NBC4) and Howard Bernstein (CBS 9 News). I also saw but did not have the opportunity to speak with Ron Riley (News Channel 8) and Joe Witte (ABC7). A number of nationally-known meteorologists are attending the conference, which ends today, and include AccuWeather's Joe Bastardi, and Greg Forbes and Paul Kocin of The Weather Channel among many others...

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