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The Weather is King

Jason Samenow @ 11:28 PM


A warm front will move through today, and may (50/50 chance) provide a period of showers and thunderstorms around midday. High temps should be in the mid 80s.

Tomorrow, it will be hot and humid, with highs in the low 90s and heat indices from 97-101.

On Sunday, a strong cold front will move through in the morning, possibly setting off some thunderstorms (30% chance). High temperatures will be from 83-87. The humidity should begin dropping off in the afternoon and especially during the evening.

Next week still looks awesome with sunshine, below average temperatures and low humidity.

Larry King Talkin' Weather

After 20 years as a talk show host, CNN's Larry King knows a few things about chatting it up with people. In a column in the Kansas City Star (registration required), he provides some pointers on starting a conversation with a stranger. Surprise, surprise, he uses weather, the universal conversation starter, as an example. He says, don't ask: "Isn't this hot weather awful?" -- this will only get you a yes or no response (and your conversation will last about as long as one of his marriages). Instead, he recommends a more engaging approach (I guess he's learned something now that he's on wife #5): "All the hot summers we've been getting make me think there might be something to this business about global warming. What do you think?" I think I'll punt and let National Geographic weigh in on this question: Record-Breaking Heat: Is Global Warming to Blame?

Tropical Update

Last night's Tropical Weather Outlook from the National Hurricane mentioned no threat of any tropical development through at least Saturday. But wait just a second... The remnant wave from Tropical Depression #10 is over an area of warm water and diminishing shear just northeast of Puerto Rico. I would not be surprised to see this wave redevelop a bit. Stay tuned.

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