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The Week Ahead -- Wonderful

Jason Samenow @ 12:09 AM

When you step outside, take a deep breath and enjoy the cooler, drier and cleaner air. The best part about the forecast that follows is that the dry, refreshing conditions should last for a good part of the week...

Due to plenty of sunshine and a westerly, downsloping wind (that will tend to compress and warm), while less humid, it will continue on the warm side today. Expect highs from 85-89.

High pressure will slowly build in from the northwest Tuesday through Thursday, directing dry northerly winds over the area. The result will be cooler than average temperatures, with highs in the low 80s. Night time lows will fall into the low to mid 60s downtown Tuesday and Wednesday night, and into the 50s in the suburbs.

By Friday, the high pressure area will slip offshore and winds are likely to become more southerly. This will allow temperatures to moderate into the mid 80s with just a touch of humidity. Over the weekend, temperatures and humidity levels should increase a bit more (but not to oppressive levels), with highs 85-90.

Last week's forecast contest result: defeats

Last week, I competed against in our weekly forecasting competition. I averaged 3.1 degrees off/forecast compared to's 4.3 degrees off/forecast. These scores translate to grades of a C+ for me and a D+ for Even though I nailed the high temperature on three occasions, my high temperature forecast for Friday was 9 degrees off due to unanticipated low clouds. My record is now 5-2-1.

This week, I'm competing against Howard Phoebus of Wheaton, Maryland. (see graphic above). Howard is both a weather forecaster and real estate agent. You may have heard Howard on Verizon's weather phoneline which he helps operate. Howard is also quite the weather historian having logged a highly regarded weather journal for 40 years.

Sun setting on 90 degree days/forecast contest?

After yesterday's high of 94 at Reagan National (and at Dulles, which set a record), National has recorded thirty-two 90 degree days since June 1. That could be all she wrote (with respect to 90 degree days) although a 90 degree day or two at the tail end of the month cannot be ruled out. Looking at the contest entries, it would appear Jason Jones, who called for thirty-two 90 degree days stands a good chance of winning. But if we get one more 90 degree day, several entrants would be tied for the lead. However, only one of these entrants nailed the summer's hottest temperature of 97, and that's Katherine Sprissler. Stay tuned.

Pictured: Drier air with northwest breezes allow for a clear sunset yesterday evening. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Tropical Update

Dr. Jeff Masters, meteorologist at provides a nice analysis of what's happening in the tropics. I think he's right that the tropics are about to heat up. We'll have more on this in the coming days...

Meteorologists do the darndest things...

Several weeks ago, I mentioned how meteorologists in Australia had been warned in an "official memo" about sleeping on the job. Topping that is a meteorologist in Japan who resigned after getting caught "sneaking into women's room." From the article:
He allegedly slept in the beds in the room and peeked inside the lockers.

"I was interested in women's rooms," the worker was quoted as saying.
He should've just said he was conducting old fashioned frontal analysis.

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