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An Autumn Brand of Weather

Jason Samenow @ 12:57 AM

Bust out the fleeces and say goodbye to sweating on your way to work -- it's the first crisp day of the fall, and will be the first cooler than average day in three weeks.

Forecast details

Some of you in the north and west suburbs will be as cold as 40 when you get up and head out. Even areas inside the beltway will start off the day in the 40s (44-48). With cool high pressure centered over us, we'll see plenty of sunshine and temperatures ascending to near 70 this afternoon.

This high pressure system is going to drift to our northeast and park itself, directing light easterly winds over the area over the weeked. Expect beautiful sunshine and comfortable high temperatures in the mid 70s both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's morning low should be around 50 downtown (45 in the suburbs), moderating to 55 on Sunday (46-51 in the suburbs).

In the tropics, the disturbance in the Caribbean still has not become a depression, although the National Hurricane Center expects conditions to become more favorable for development in the next day or two.

Weather map courtesy

It's All About the Brand

I was amused to read in Tuesday's Washington Post that there was a flap at the National Weather Service (NWS) over a request from NOAA's Chief of Staff (Scott Rader) to replace NWS logos with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) logos (NWS is technically an organization under NOAA) on hurricane maps after Katrina hit. The employee who received the request was none too thrilled and let it be known:
"Removing a logo from a Web site falls to the bottom of the priority list given the large professional challenges and personal tragedies of NOAA employees in the area of impact. . . . I hope NOAA HQ will keep things in perspective for future requests."
I've heard about how the NOAA braintrust wants to increase the recognition of the NOAA brand. It's probably because most people besides weather geeks don't know what NOAA stands for or haven't ever heard of it. But NOAA officials should recognize NOAA is an awkward, bureaucratic acronym which doesn't mean much to non-technical people. On the other hand, according to the Post: "The National Weather Service is one of the government's top brand names." Perhaps NOAA officials should appreciate this and leave well enough alone. Instead, they might take notice of the following...

AccuWeather "Hijacks" National Weather Service Internet Domain (Brand)

The UK Weather Blog Rising Slowly links to a Slate article that reveals the internet domain is owned by ACCUWEATHER!!! Apparently, it used to be that if you typed in that domain, it would automatically forward you to AccuWeather. I've noticed that no longer works. Perhaps AccuWeather was embarrassed they were exposed and disabled the forwarding. Nonetheless, I have verified AccuWeather owns the domain, as I did a WHOIS query and, sure enough, the domain is registered to AccuWeather of State College, PA. If you ask me, the act of using and/or owning that domain is pretty disingenuous on AccuWeather's part.

The Brand

Continuing with today's theme, I thought I'd share with folks's new business cards - which show off our "brand."

The logo (pictured) originates from a photo taken by's Kevin Ambrose. Those of you who use Firefox or Netscape should see the full color version of this logo in your URL bar.

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