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A Forecast Worth Looking Forward To

Dan Stillman @ 11:35 PM

School is back. Traffic is back. Vacation is over. But thankfully Mother Nature has taken the edge off the end of summer. It'll be hard for her to make up completely for all the hot and humid days she unleashed on us during the past few months, but she sure is trying.

Another wonderful day today with mostly sunny skies, low humidity and high temps in the low 80s. And ditto for tomorrow. In between, tonight's temps will drop all the way down to the low 60s in town, and into the mid-to-upper 50s in the 'burbs.

The weather pattern bringing us these beautiful days in the low 80s and pleasantly cool nights looks like it will continue at least through the weekend. So go ahead and plan those outdoor outings with confidence.

Is the Sun Setting on the Health of the Bay?

The Environment News Service reports yesterday that the EPA has approved new water quality standards for Maryland. This is good news for those who care about the health of the Chesapeake Bay, as the move sets in motion a multistate plan agreed to last December to cut down on the amount of pollutants entering the bay from wastewater treatment plants.

What the ENS story -- largely a regurgitation of an EPA press release -- fails to mention is how far behind the states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed have already fallen with regard to the bay cleanup plan agreed to in 2000. Sunday's Washington Post had a colorful spread in the Metro section (page C13) detailing the shortcomings.

Channel 4 has a nice-looking Web site with more information about the Chesapeake Bay watershed and why its health is important.

Pictured: The sun sets over the Chesapeake Bay. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

In the Tropics, and Out of New Orleans

Tropical Depression 16 continues to drift toward the east coast of Florida, where tropical storm warnings and watches have been issued. As of last night, the National Hurricane Center was predicting the depression may soon become tropical storm Ophelia, but would fall short of reaching hurricane status before making landfall.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, CNN reports that Mayor Ray Nagin has ordered a forced evacuation of all those remaining in New Orleans. If only that had been done before Katrina's arrival.

And here in Washington, nearly 300 evacuees arrived at the DC Armory yesterday, with more possibly on the way. They were greeted by city leaders as well as the Wizards' Gilbert Arenas, who came bearing supplies for the storm victims. I'm guessing a visit or two from Nationals players (or those playing the Nats) may also be in the offing, considering RFK is just a stone's throw away from the Armory.

Rubinfield Nails NatCast

Adam Rubinfield won our NatCast contest as he correctly predicted last night's
game-time temp of 77. His prize is two tickets to Thursday's Nats game.

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