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Katrina Best of Blogs, and the Week Ahead

Jason Samenow @ 5:00 AM


This forecast is about as cut and dry as it gets -- high pressure is going to dominate our weather for the next week. This will mean clear, cool nights with lows 60-65 downtown, and in the 50s in the suburbs and highs between 80-85. Conditions late in the week, particularly next weekend may be a shade warmer than earlier in the week, but it will be hardly noticeable.

In the tropics, a disturbance east of Florida needs to be watched for slow development over the next couple days.

Blogs are a-buzz with Katrina commentary, rants, narrative and news. I'm going to profile a few of the best, but will just be scratching the surface...
  • Brendan Loy wins the award for sounding the alarm bells first about Katrina on his Irish Trojan Blog. And for that he earned much deserved recognition in the NY Times and by Intelliseek, a marketing intelligence firm.

  • WeatherBlog by Ed Oswald has provided solid coverage and correctly took Brendan Loy (from above) to task for calling for the firing of New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. Oswald's most recent post indicates National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield fully briefed both FEMA and Department of Homeland Security leadership about the potential impact of Katrina and that their comments to the contrary ring hollow.

  • University of Colorado professor Roger Pielke Jr. offers cogent science policy commentary at Prometheus. Here's the opening of his latest entry: "The Bush Administration's complete lack of preparedness for responding to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is one of the most significant intelligence failures in history, ranking right up there with Pearl Harbor and 9/11."

  • For ground-zero blog coverage, Live from New Orleans has provided unique "in the trenches" updates.

  • For technical hurricane guidance and outlooks, the duo of blogs run by Jeff Masters and Steve Gregory at WUnderground have been and are excellent.

  • The best blog for up-to-the-minute news from New Orleans comes courtesy of WWLTV. That has been my go-to source for the latest New Orleans info.

  • I would be remiss if I left out WxNation's Wire -- for its comprehensive set of links and news coverage
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