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Ophelia out, humidity sticking around, RAIN?

Jason Samenow @ 1:33 AM

At long last, Tropical Storm Ophelia will slowly pull away from the Mid-Atlantic coast over the next day, but the mid-summerlike humidity will remain in her wake through at least half of Saturday. Have your umbrellas handy today -- we've got the best chance of rain we've had in over two weeks.

Forecast Details: Now through the weekend

Today, I'd put the rain chances at 60% -- most of us should see it, with the best chance in the afternoon and early evening hours. A heavy thunderstorm or two also cannot be ruled out given the juicy, tropical atmosphere. Temperatures should reach the mid 80s, but will feel closer to 90 when you factor in the humidity.

The cold front triggering the rain will take its sweet time clearing the area, so scattered showers are possible overnight tonight into Saturday morning (30% chance). Saturday afternoon looks pretty good, with the sun emerging and temperatures in the low 80s.

High pressure builds in Sunday, bringing plenty of sunshine coupled with dryer and cooler air. Look for highs in the upper 70s. The best day of the three.

Pictured: Visible satellite image of Tropical Storm Ophelia offshore Friday morning.

Tropics, tropics, tropics

  • Ophelia, in a weakened condition, was drifting off the North Carolina coast at press time. While she may flirt with New England over the weekend, just a brush of Cape Cod is the most likely scenario, in my opinion.
  • This NASA page has some amazing Katrina imagery that really showcases the capabilities of its earth observing satellites.
  • NOAA claims Katrina was the most destructive storm to ever strike the United States according to this AP article.
  • A couple of areas of disturbed weather bear watching -- one in the Caribbean, and another east of the windward islands. The former may take several days to get better organized whereas the latter storm could become a tropical depression sometime today.

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