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Rain??? YES!!!

Jason Samenow @ 11:45 PM

Finally, after four consecutive weeks with no measurable rain, the streak should end today. And it could end with a bang...

The week ahead

A cold front, with the remnants of Rita embedded within it, will swing through the region later today. The morning and afternoon should be partly cloudy, warm, humid and breezy, with high temperatures in the low 80s. This evening, there is a significant chance of showers and thunderstorms, which may be accompanied by gusty winds. An isolated weak tornado or two cannot be ruled out. Steve will update as necessary late this afternoon or early this evening.

Behind the front, high pressure will dominate Tuesday and Wednesday, with very pleasant conditions. Expect highs between 75-80 and low humidity.

On Thursday, a very strong cold front should move through which may trigger strong thunderstorms late in the day. Prior to that, high temperatures should reach about 80.

Friday through Sunday will bring our first stretch of true, crisp fall-like weather: dry with high temperatures from 70-75 (closer to 70 Friday, and 75 on Sunday), and overnight lows ranging from 50-55 downtown to 40-50 in the suburbs.

Cry Wolf in Houston?

No, I'm not talking about the the clever new major motion picture directed and produced by my childhood friend Jeff Wadlow. I am talking about the sentiments of Houstonians who feel Rita was overhyped. This Houston Chronicle piece takes weathermen and TV reporters to task for their exceedingly sensational coverage:
Reporter Amy Tortolani said "the rain hasn't started yet, but the wind is blowing debris around." The camera showed, I swear, an empty plastic Ozarka water bottle rolling gently to the curb. . . .
And not just sensational coverage, but also trite:
How many times did you hear an anchor say, "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best?"

"Hunker down" and "dodged a bullet" were very big, too. I wondered, did somebody type those cliches into the teleprompter, or were they ad libbed cliches?
Enter Spelling Police: Radford Researchers Not So Smart

Today, I stumbled upon an article from a TV station in Lynchburg, VA that profiles a course in meteorology at Radford University. The article links to the R.U.S.M.A.R.T website. The website's banner spells out the RUSMART acronym accordingly: "Radford University Satellite and Meterological Analysis and Research Team." While the acronym RUSMART is intended to be rhetorical, in light of the team's misspelling of "meteorological," I give them my unsolicited response: RU Kidding Me?

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