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End of the Growing Season, Start of a Warm-up?

Jason Samenow @ 12:40 AM


Today will mark the 10th consecutive day of below average temperatures. Even though the sun will come out with a few clouds interspersed, a pocket of cold air aloft and a northerly breeze will keep things chilly. Highs will struggle to reach the mid 50s, after a chilly start in the low 30s in the suburbs and the upper 30s downtown. The average high is 64.

Tonight will be the coldest of the season to date, effectively ending the growing season. Most suburban locations will experience temperature at or below freezing although the close-in suburbs and DC proper will probably see lows ranging from 33-36--good enough for some frost.

Tomorrow, high pressure will be centered just to our south which will allow for full sunshine and promote a light westerly wind. This setup will enable temperatures to rise into the mid and upper 60s. It will also kickoff what is likely to be a stretch of above average temperatures that should last through much of next week, at least.

You Beta You Bet

Beta reached hurricane (becoming a record 13th of the season) status overnight and is forecast to strengthen to a strong Category 2 storm in the next day or so (Category 3 could also be achieved). Beta has already caused extensive damage to Providencia Island, according to the National Hurricane Center. While the National Hurricane Center continues to stick to its guns about a landfall over Nicaragua on Sunday, AccuWeather and Wunderground are suggesting that an alternative track, taking Beta northward, cannot be ruled out. To date, the storm has not behaved according to model forecasts due to weak steering currents. Accordingly, I'd say there's about a 25% chance the storm will not make landfall in Nicaragua.


Here's another reminder to enter's Winter Snowfall Prediction Contest. We're still looking for a contest sponsor -- so if your company has something cool to give away in exchange for some advertising space, contact me. (That's not to say we don't have some cool prizes of our own to give away.) has a contest to come up with the most creative hurricane names, A to Z, using the names of cartoon characters. Check out its blog for details.


Marine Corps Marathon
Where: Arlington/DC
When: Sunday, Beginning at 8:15 or 8:45am
Weather Impact: The morning will start off quite chilly, in the mid 40s, but temperatures will steadily rise to near 60 by noon. Overall, pretty decent running conditions.
What to wear: Spectators will be comfortable in layers, starting with a fleece or light jacket. Runners should use their discretion.

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