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Mother Nature Hands Out Halloween Treats

Jason Samenow @ 12:00 AM


Treat #1: Calmer weather for the President in the coming week

With last week's storminess "Scootered" out to sea and the prospect of a less tempestuous Supreme Court pick, things look to settle down around here both literally and figuratively. The weather will be about as good as it gets for mid-autumn. Sunny, pleasant afternoons and cool, crisp nights will pretty much be the rule--with temperatures above average every day. Here's the day-by-day breakdown:

With high pressure centered to our southeast today, expect a light westerly wind and very pleasant temperatures-- with a high near 72.

Tomorrow, the high moves offshore, winds become more southerly and temperatures remain unseasonably mild, with highs again in the low 70s. A weak cold front will move through late in the day or overnight, but will not likely produce any rain.

On Wednesday, as high pressure builds in from the west behind the front it will be a shade cooler, but still above average, with highs in the mid to upper 60s under partly to mostly sunny skies.

Thursday should be fantastic. With high pressure centered over the area, expect nothing but blue skies and highs near 70.

Friday, the high moves offshore, and we get into southwesterly flow -- more characteristic of a summer pattern. Mid 70s are possible.

Next weekend, a large ridge of high pressure over the western Atlantic should keep us dry and in an unseasonably warm pattern--blocking storms from the west. High temperatures should be around 70. Confidence is a little lower in this part of the forecast due to how far out it is and the fickleness of the fall season. One model, for example, shows a coastal low offshore which will need to be watched.

Lows this week, after this morning, will be cool but not cold: generally 45-50 downtown and 40-45 in the suburbs.

Pictured: President Bush and the First Lady exit Marine One under beautiful sunshine yesterday (top right). A late bloomer in the Rose Garden and fall foliage at the White House entrance (middle left and right). By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Treat #2: Early snow for skiers in Vermont

I like snow. I like to ski. These awesome pictures taken at Killington, Vermont this weekend, by Scott Braaten (of First Tracks Online ) make me jealous...

Braaten, a writer and weather forecaster, describes the opening weekend at Killington in his column--the best in recent memory and more characteristic of mid-winter skiing out West:
Two snowstorms over the past week combined to bring Killington roughly 30 inches of snow cover at higher elevations, prompting management to open for the weekend ahead of its scheduled mid-November date. ...

Natural snow trails were filled with powder from side to side, and the dense snow allowed for the opening of trails with little base. The bottom foot or so of snow was very dense and heavy, while the top foot was significantly lighter allowing skiers and riders to rip the top powder layer without fear of hitting bottom.
How much snow for us this winter? In case you missed it last week, our winter forecast is here.


Where: In your neighborhood and all around
When: Tonight
Weather Impact: Perfect trick-or-treating conditions. Clear skies and crisp air, with temperatures falling from near 60 at dusk to 50 by midnight (add a few degrees inside the beltway, subtract a few degrees in outlying areas).
What to wear:Your scariest Halloween costume.

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