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Jason Samenow @ 8:32 AM

Today marks the first mostly sunny day in two weeks. In addition to the beautiful sunshine, we'll have much above average temperatures -- with highs in the upper 70s. You will notice a bit of a breeze, as northwesterly winds of about 15mph kick in this afternoon.

Tomorrow will remain sunny but be about 8-10 degrees cooler than today as the departing Northeast storm pulls down some Canadian air.

If you look at the 7-day forecast above, looks like a fine stretch of weather over the next week.

Tropical Update

A disturbance near Jamaica continues to show signs of development and could become a tropical depression at any time. The system has the potential to become a hurricane and will be named Wilma assuming it develops into a tropical storm.

Wearing the Weather?

Glarkware has developed a "Weather Forecast Button Set" in their apparel line. Yes, you are supposed to wear these buttons:
Glarkware's Weather Forecast Button Set allows you to turn your outfit into a moving billboard for the day's weather forecast -- and if your fashion-based broadcast cause passersby to strike up conversation and you to make're welcome.
Maybe a set of these should be a prize for our forecast contest? Thanks to contributor Andrew Freedman for the link.

Weekend Eventcast

Solar Decathalon
Where: The Mall
When: All Weekend
Weather Impact: An awesome weekend for checking out these innovative solar-powered homes. The sun will offer plenty of power both days.
What to wear: Short sleeves today, light jacket tomorrow.

Millions More Movement
Where: The Mall
When: Today
Weather Impact: Picture perfect conditions -- temperatures rising well into the 70s.
What to wear: Short sleeves will be comfortable today.

Pro Soccer: Columbus at DC United
Where: Washington, DC -- RFK Stadium
When: Tonight, 7:30pm
Weather Impact: Great soccer weather with temperatures in the 60s.
What to wear: Sweatshirt or light jacket

College Football: Florida State at Virginia
Where: Charlottesville, VA -- Scott Stadium
When: Tonight, 7:45pm
Weather Impact: Perfect football weather with temperatures falling through the 60s under clear skies. Score prediction: FSU 42, Virginia 17
What to wear: ORANGE -- sweatshirt, light jacket or fleece.

Pro Football: Cleveland at Baltimore
Where: Baltimore, MD -- M&T Bank Stadium
When: Sunday, 1:00pm
Weather Impact: Great football weather with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 60s. Score prediction: Baltimore 17, Cleveland 13
What to wear: Sweatshirt weather.

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