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Wonderful Weekend, River Rises, Clueless Cage

Jason Samenow @ 11:20 PM

Today, we'll get off to a cool start-- with lows in the mid 30s in the suburbs to near 40 downtown. Clouds will increase during the day as an area of low of pressure off the Southeast coast moves northward, but probably too far to our east to produce any rain over us. The clouds should keep temperatures down -- with highs today only in the low 50s.

The weekend should be excellent weatherwise. I'm expecting decreasing cloudiness on Saturday, with highs in the upper 50s. And after a cold, crisp start Sunday morning (low to mid 30s suburbs to near 40 downtown), a very pleasant afternoon, with high temperatures reaching the mid 60s.

Pictured: The river levels at Great Falls have risen dramatically in the last month. Recall September was the driest September on record whereas this month has set a record for the wettest October on record. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Beta Juice

Tropical Storm Beta continues to slowly intensify in the southwestern Caribbean. Conditions remain favorable for it to become a hurricane sometime today. Landfall should occur in about a day and a half and is still projected over Nicaragua.

A Mixed Bag for "The Weather Man"

The Weather Man opens in theatres today and the reviews are, for the most part, underwhelming. Here is what I think is a fairly representative sample...

The Washington Post says:
What makes this so emotionally compelling is the way Dave [played by Nicholas Cage] scrambles from this deep vale of cluelessness to something approaching moral maturity.
The NY Times says:
In short, the weatherman is a drag and a snore, the zero as hero.
Hurricane Schwartz (meteorologist from NBC10 in Philly) says:
The weather stuff is so insulting that it made me mad, and I'm still mad. ...

Do you want to watch 110 minutes of Nicolas Cage looking depressed? He's not just a depressed person -- he's downright unlikable. ... Sounds like a fun movie, doesn't it?
USA Today says:
This is a movie you might be able to put up with if you're in a certain mood or be put off by if you're not. Either way, the forecast is: "Beware of cloud cover."
The Chicago Tribune says:
"The Weather Man" could use more comedy, but it is an effective demolition job on some debilitating aspects of modern media culture and the sidestepping of morality and family bonds.
The LA Times says:'s a sincere, well-put-together movie about the modern human condition.
I'm not particularly inspired to see this movie, but if I do, I'll post my thoughts over the weekend.


Marine Corps Marathon
Where: Arlington/DC
When: Sunday, Beginning at 8:15 or 8:45am
Weather Impact: The morning will start off quite chilly, in the mid 40s, but temperatures will steadily rise to near 60 by noon. Overall, pretty decent running conditions.
What to wear: Spectators will be comfortable in layers, starting with a fleece or light jacket. Runners should use their discretion.

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