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10-Day Outlook: Prolonged 'Warmth' Ahead...

Josh Larson @ 12:00 AM

Today's Weather

After a chilly start to the day, look for abundant sunshine today with mild temperatures rebounding to near 70 for highs. Clear and crisp tonight with a starlit sky and lows ranging from the lower 40s across the cooler suburbs to the upper 40s downtown.

Pattern Overview

After ten days of persistently cooler-than-normal temperatures during late October, we have now switched back into a pattern of above-normal temperatures; this stretch of milder weather is likely to persist, to varying degrees, over the next 10 days. Simply put, the pattern, especially after tomorrow, favors a trough building over the West with ridging (and air aloft from the southwest and West) over the East. The entire upcoming 10 day period is likely to feature above-normal temperatures, though the biggest departures from normal (i.e., the warmest readings) will be centered over the next five days.

The next 5 days (Nov 3-7)
Forecast high/low: 72/49 (normal = 61/43)
Forecast precip: below normal

After Thursday's high approaching 70, we'll look for even milder -- unseasonably, so -- temperatures on Friday, through the weekend, and into the start of next week. Friday will feature mostly sunny skies with temperatures near 72/50 downtown. Saturday and Sunday will be downright balmy, with varying amounts of clouds and sun, and temperatures near 74/53 downtown, with cooler overnight lows in the 40s across the suburbs; Saturday will be the sunnier of the two days. Note that these temperatures are some 10-15 degrees milder than normal for this time of year. Monday will feature increasing clouds with a slight chance of a shower, as a front approaches, and continued mild temperatures near 69/45.

The following 5 days (Nov 8-12)
Forecast high/low: 64/44 (normal = 59/42)
Forecast precip: below normal

Temperatures are likely to continue at above-normal levels for the following five days, though they won't be as dramatically mild as over the first half of the 10-day outlook period. I generally expect the continuation of fair, dry weather, with low chances for major precipitation outbreaks. Most days will feature partly to mostly sunny skies, with temperatures generally ranging from 60-65 for highs with overnight lows generally in the mid 40s downtown, with readings in the 30s more likely across the cooler suburbs.

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