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Back to Normal...and Beyond

Josh Larson @ 1:00 PM

Though we've been in the deep freeze for the past several days, today's forecast calls for much milder weather as atmospheric conditions aloft allow air to flow into the region from the south and west. Expect varying amounts of clouds and sun with clouds likely on the increase as the days wears on.

After Friday's high of 36 degrees and yesterday's high of 46, today's high near 55 degrees will feel downright balmy! Widely scattered afternoon and evening showers are possible and showers may linger into the overnight period. Expect overnight lows tonight in the mid to upper 40s in most spots -- warmer than either Friday or Saturday's highs!

A sneak peak at weather for the start of the week suggests very mild temperatures on Monday and Tuesday (likely at or above 60 degrees both days), though clouds will be the rule, with scattered showers (maybe even a thunderstorm?!) possible both days. Enjoy the warmth while you can since it appears we may be back into the deep freeze by late in the week.

Image: Sunrise at the Jefferson Memorial; taken today by's photographer, Kevin Ambrose.

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