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More Mildness

Steve Scolnik @ 4:45 PM

Latest 30 hour surface forecast from NCEP NAM model
Weak sun through a 20,000 foot overcast has failed to lift the official temperature much above the low 60s this afternoon, although southern portions of the Washington region range as high as 73. Dulles reported 68 at 4pm, and Baltimore was 67. Radar at mid afternoon showed some scattered showers dying out near Charlottesville and another area between Pittsburgh and Morgantown moving southeastward. A low pressure area now in the northern Plains is forecast to intensify tomorrow as it moves through the northern Great Lakes. Showers associated with its frontal system will extend to the south, but the bulk of the precipitation should remain from Pennsylvania northward. The image shows the "NAM" model surface weather map forecast for 7pm tomorrow, made from data at 1pm this afternoon. The green shaded areas represent 6-hour precipitation totals, in the ranges .01"-.10", .10"-.25", and .25"-.50", depending on the darkness of the color.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Tonight will be mostly cloudy with lows around 50. Tomorrow will be cloudy with a 30% chance of showers, highs near 64.

Weather to Go

The dcrtv blog reports that Channel 9 is offering news and weather reports through the Apple iTunes store for downloading to your video iPod. Has anyone tried this? It's not supported on the Windoze NT I run or a dialup connection.

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