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Saturday Perfection

Jason Samenow @ 7:01 AM

Perfect Weather

The stretch of unseasonably mild conditions may well climax today, with highs reaching 75-80... Yes, I do believe someone in the area will see 80 so long as skies remain mostly sunny. Enjoy it -- it may be a while before we see another Saturday like this... next April or May?

Image courtesy AccuWeather

Perfect Storm?

The Washington Post ran an alarming story about the possibility of devastating hurricanes hitting the East Coast in the coming decades that will "make Katrina look like a party." Excerpt:
...Coch looks back decades to an unnamed Category 3 hurricane that crossed Long Island on Sept. 21, 1938, struck cities in five New England states and, traveling at 60 mph, reached Montreal in less than 24 hours. The storm killed 600 people and cut off nearly all communication to the New England region for a week.

"That's what I call the big one," he said.
Personally, I believe the comparisons the Katrina are a bit sensationalistic, but it's certainly possible at Cat 3 storm could hit the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast in the coming years. And that would be not good.


Temple at Virginia
Where: Charlottesville, VA -- Scott Stadium
When: Today, 3:30pm
Weather Impact: Beautiful conditions with temperatures in the mid 70s at gametime, falling to the mid to upper 60s by game's end. Score prediction: Virginia 27, Temple 13
What to wear: Bring along a light jacket

Miamia at Virginia Tech
Where: Blacksburg, VA -- Lane Stadium
When: Today, 7:45pm
Weather Impact: Crisp conditions with temperatures falling from near 60 into the mid 50s. Score prediction: Hokies 21, Canes 10
What to wear: A fleece or warm-up jacket should do the trick.

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